“F” Style – a traditional style with a bright sound much sought after by bluegrass, country and roots musicians. This model has a carved top and “f” holes.

Sound hole model – Darrell’s own design using an X bracing top and sound hole (like a guitar) that produces an incredibly powerful and rich sound. This model is great for all styles: Celtic, country and ethnic, folk, whatever.

4 string electric and 8 string electric – again, one of Darrell’s own creations. They look like a mini electric guitar, but play in mandolin tuning with pick-ups and controls like an electric guitar. These babies are really cool!! You can play a smoking lead on the 4 string in everything from pure country to hard rock with full distortion. The 8 string sounds great, complementing guitar and vocals in any style. A really unique sound!

Custom Mandolin Gallery

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