Guitar Gallery

On this page you will find an archive of some the past custom guitars we have built.

Electric Guitars

Solid body, semi-hollow body, chambered solid body, or whatever you can dream up. When building a custom electric guitar, Darrell gives the customer a choice of hardware, pick-ups and design options.

Acoustic Guitars

The acoustic guitar is a very challenging instrument to make well. Darrell has perfected this art, with his stunning pieces in any shape and style you like, in Dreadnaught, OM, cutaway, 12 string, etc. You can custom order anything from wood type, to inlays, to scale length, even fanned frets!

Parlour Guitars

Classical Guitars

Darrell has demonstrated his fine taste and careful craftsmanship through his presentation of this type of guitar, and has sold several of these instruments to well proven concert players and admirers of this beautiful sounding guitar.


Darrell makes these in several styles, F style, Flat top, Astyle, solid body electric, octave,check them out!

Irish Bouzouki

A four course 8 stringed instrument, like a mandolin, except longer strings (about the same as a guitar). Originally adapted in Ireland from the Greek bowl-backed bouzouki.

Bass Guitars

Custom Bass Guitars available, built to your specs. Choice of woods, pickups, etc. Fretted or fretless.

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