Pura Guitars Designs and Builds Custom, Handcrafted Guitars

PURA GUITARS specializes in the custom building of acoustic, electric and classical guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, Irish bouzoukis and octave mandolins, as well as the restoration and repair of all types of stringed instruments.

All Pura instruments are made in Saskatoon, Canada by luthier Darrell Pura. All instruments are hand built, one at a time, using only the highest quality woods and components. Darrell believes that by hand crafting every instrument himself from start to finish, each guitar becomes a high quality, unique piece of playable sculpture that the player and builder can take pride in. His personal touch goes into everything, from selecting wood to hand carving the neck and body, through to the final finishing details.

Tired of assembly line guitars? Can’t find your dream instrument? You can have it built to your specifications, knowing you have the only one like it.

If you are looking for a high quality, one-of-a-kind instrument that is as unique as you are, try the special tone and feel of a Pura guitar.

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